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Teaching Tools

I'm a great believer in sharing skills and experience, encouraging people to see things differently, experiment, and create with confidence.  The devil is often in the detail and as a result, I like a well considered teaching aid or learning tool. I hope to create tools that allow other people to try something new without needing a guiding hand beside them. It allows projects to reach a much wider audience and develops the artists and managers of the future.  It also promotes understanding of the value of the arts in a wider context, a subject close to my heart.


Recent projects include:


Incorporating Arts Award into The Children's Parade (Same Sky, Brighton Festival, Fairlight and Westdene Primary Schools, Uckfield Community Technology College)

A pilot project exploring 3 methods of embedding Arts Award into schools existing Children's Parade programmes.  Creation of an advisory booklet covering the benefits, best practice and common pitfalls shared with 90 participating schools.


High Weald Education Programme (Same Sky, High Weald AONB)

A series of 4 workshop manuals exploring elements relevant to the High Weald (clay, charcoal, wool and watercolour).  The workshops were designed to deliver heritage knowledge and skills as part of the curriculum for key stages 1 and 2, and to be delivered in one lesson by teachers.  Tested at 20 schools and freely available form the High Weald AONB website.  See


Tarner Park Development (Same Sky, Tarner Park)

A community wildlife and heritage project encouraging volunteers to participate in wildlife habitat management and local heritage with the addition of a camera obscura to the park tower.  Design of a public interpretation board to promote understanding and engagement.

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